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Experience the captivating allure of Southern India with a rich history and culture all its own. Discover ancient temples, experience the fusion of East and West in Puducherry, and explore the architectural marvels of Thanjavur. Immerse in the spiritual essence of Madurai and the serene life on the backwaters of Kumarakom.
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All of our journeys can be completely personalized and curated with our commitment to sustainable tourism.


Discover your journey's unique blend of cultural immersion, engaging experiences, and scenic explorations.


Select highlights of your journey from awe-inspiring attractions to hidden gems that promise an unforgettable experience.


Begin planning your adventure with travel dates and pricing information.


Our efforts to support the environment, cultural heritage, and local communities.

Journey Overview

Your adventure begins in Mahabalipuram, a mystical port city on the Bay of Bengal, home to the ancient cave temples and the awe-inspiring monolithic rathas (shrines in the shape of chariots).

Continue south along the coastline to the quaint, French-inspired town of Puducherry. Stroll through streets that whisper tales of colonial times. Visit the fascinating Sri Aurobindo Ashram, the final resting-place of Sri Aurobindo, an Indian saint and yogi who mixed yoga and modern science, and immerse in the unique culture of Auroville, an experimental community intended to be a testament to the harmonious unity of humankind.

In Thanjavur, prepare to be awed by the majestic Brihadeeshwara Temple, a beacon of ancient architectural prowess. The royal palace nearby unfolds centuries of history, while the Saraswati Mahal Library lets you delve into a world of ancient manuscripts, a treasure trove for the culturally curious.

Journey to Madurai (Madaras) where the city's heartbeat is palpable in its bustling flower markets and the sacred ornate Meenakshi Temple. Experience the divine Aarti Ceremony, a spiritual spectacle, and explore the city's rich tapestry of history and tradition.

Experience life along the serene backwaters of Kumarakom aboard a traditional houseboat where you will find yourself immersed in the lush beauty of the region's tropical canals.

Finally, journey to Kochi, where an array of races and cultures have intertwined over centuries to shape the region and city into a vibrant mosaic. Kochi is the perfect finishing touch to a fascinating and memorable South Indian adventure.


Discover the ancient wonders of Mahabalipuram's cave temples and monolithic rathas.

Marvel at the intricate bas-relief of Arjuna's Penance, a masterpiece of Indian art.

Experience the charming blend of French colonial and Indian cultures in Puducherry.

Explore Auroville, a unique global village striving for human unity and peace.

Be awed by the architectural magnificence of Thanjavur's Brihadeeshwara Temple.

Uncover centuries of history in the royal palace and Saraswati Mahal Library of Thanjavur.

Witness the spiritual Aarti Ceremony at the iconic Meenakshi Temple in Madurai.

Stroll through Madurai's vibrant flower market, a kaleidoscope of colors and scents.

Relax on a serene houseboat cruise through the lush backwaters of Kumarakom.

Immerse yourself in the cultural tapestry of Kochi with a Kathakali dance performance and an immersive cultural heritage tour.

Dates & Rates

Price From:



Per person based on double occupancy. Including intra-tour air.

Departure Time:

This journey is available year-round though October to April is recommended.


16 days/15 nights


Solo Travelers, couples, families, and small groups.

Sustainable Contribution

environmental impact

Environmental Impact:

Measures have been taken to positively impact our environment

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Community Impact:

This journey positively affects the local communities visited.

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Cultural Engagement:

Experiences on this journey provide authentic cultural interaction and connection


Carbon Offset:

The Evolved Traveler is allocating $65 per person* (average) in conjunction with our partners, Offset Alliance, to help offset this journey through verified carbon removal and reversals projects.


“The evolved traveler sees what he sees, the tourist sees what he has come to see.”

Please Note: If the journey above does not fit your needs, we would be happy to help you compose one that perfectly fits your lifestyle.


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