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Our Sustainability Guidelines
& Declaration of Sustainability

Sustainability is one of the core values of LiveAbroad Lifestyles. It is fundamental not only to what we do as an organization and the journeys we plan for our guests but to our everyday lives as well. It is one of our passions.

As there is no “one size fits all” solution for the issues that ail our planet, our environment, and a multitude of cultures amongst us, we have resourced the sustainability guidelines set forth by several organizations we consider to be at the forefront of this effort: The Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC), Sustainable Tourism International, and UNESCO. The guidelines adopted by LiveAbroad Lifestylesfor sustainable tourism focus on three primary areas:

  • Maximize social and economic benefits for the local community
  • Enhance cultural heritage
  • Reduce negative impacts on the environment

We aim to create a positive and lasting impact with our journeys wherever they might be. Using best practices from around the globe, as well as initiatives of our own, we have created our ​Declaration of ​Sustainability. We encourage others to implement both long-​ ​and short-term sustainability goals that are realistic and attainable and that address the environmental, social, cultural, and economic issues within their sphere of influence.

We pledge to:

  • Show respect for each destination, be it the people, culture, and heritage
  • Minimize our journeys’ literal and figurative footprint while striving to leave a positive impression at each destination
  • Offset the carbon emissions of our journeys through certified offset partners and reduction programs
  • Encourage the use of local goods, services, and suppliers in our decision making
  • Measure and reduce the use of disposable and consumable goods and resources wherever possible
  • Treat renewable energy and recycled goods as necessities
  • Discourage the consumption, trading, or harvesting of protected wildlife and plant life
  • Inform and advise our team and guests regularly regarding their roles and responsibilities concerning sustainability
  • Volunteer in our local community, just as we encourage our guests and partners

We will adhere to these guidelines and further strive to implement new practices and philosophies for sustainable travel with our guests and global partners.

Wildlife and other animal encounters can be some of the most memorable highlights of a journey, which is why we want to ensure those encounters are positive experiences for the animals. The Evolved Traveler pledges not to involve our guests in any activities that could cause harm, discomfort, or danger to animals. Further, we will not engage our guests in activities that involve contact with endangered species or captive wild animals. For example, we will not offer elephant rides at any time or destination.

The safeguard of animals and the frontline workers that protect them is critical not only to tourism and its infrastructure but, more importantly, to our complete Eco structure. We hope all our guests and our respective community will support our policy and similar initiatives whenever and wherever the opportunity presents itself.

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As part of our ongoing commitment to sustainability and the environment, Evolved Traveler has formed a partnership with Offset Alliance.


The purpose of our partnership is to offset travel emissions through Offset Alliance’s portfolio of carbon reduction projects, which are based on global best standards and provide co-benefits to communities and biodiversity in line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Our journeys will incorporate meaningful, realistically measurable climate action by reducing the CO2 emissions that are generated from our global journeys. Using a baseline of CO2 from air and ground transportation, and hotels, we will pay to offset emissions associated with each tour in addition to a 50% buffer to cover activities and meals during the course of our guests’ global journeys.

While we strive toward making our journeys completely carbon-neutral, currently it is virtually impossible to verify accurate reporting of supply chains and proper disposal of waste in all destinations to successfully reach 100% carbon neutrality. However, we strongly believe it is important to be transparent about these challenges while taking positive, achievable actions that provide tangible, verifiable results.

And one of the best parts, our renewed commitment to responsible tourism comes at no cost to our guests—we simply believe it is the right thing to do.

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