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The Evolved Traveler believes travel is “evolving” into something more than we have previously experienced or currently know it to be. There is a desire, a need even, for travel to be more meaningful, more impactful, more enriching, and certainly more engaging. We understand our guests wish to travel with purpose and to truly engage with the cultures they visit. That is why we have created Evolved Experiences.

Evolved Experiences are at the core of all our journeys: uniquely curated experiences that far exceed the par-for-the-course luxury travel. Evolved Experiences allow our guests opportunities to make lasting impressions on the communities they visit, extend their hands in goodwill gestures of the global community, and create memories that can be cherished for years to come, not only for themselves but for those they visit.

Incorporated into each journey, Evolved Experiences epitomize our ‘benefit to all approach.’ We believe adventure and purpose can intertwine, seamlessly blending life-enriching explorations with acts of kindness that leave a lasting impact.

For example, engage with Vietnamese students, once deemed at-risk-youth, now being taught skills to work in the hospitality industry. Or in India, allow a former homeless youth the chance to be your personal guide and teach you about their home, former life, and the foundation – the Salaam Baalak Trust – that provided them with life-changing opportunities. In Cambodia, delight children with bicycles or schoolbooks that have been bestowed on your behalf through The Evolved Traveler’s “give back“ commitment. In Myanmar, provide loving care to the incredible elephants at Green Hill Elephant Camp by helping feed and bathe them, and learn why we have taken a pledge to ensure all animal interactions on an Evolved Traveler journeys are conducted with absolute respect for the animals and their environments.

The Evolved Traveler upholds the belief that we don’t have to give up anything ourselves in order to give. The act of giving does as much for the giver as it does for the receiver. That is our overriding goal with Evolved Experiences. So while we will always provide you with the best accommodations, private guides, and one-of-a-kind surprises that guests have come to love about The Evolved Traveler. We ask that you take one additional journey—to step a little further and to see the good that you can do on a human and grassroots level, leaving you, the places, and people you engage with, and ultimately our global community changed for the better.