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Sustainability &
Animal Policy

Built upon the core principles of sustainable tourism and building a sense of global community, The Evolved Traveler promotes responsible travel that respects the destination, its people, and culture, as well as the surrounding environment.

Our “business as usual” is anything but. Our mindset at The Evolved Traveler is simple: when we treat the environment as an integral part of our humanity and not just an afterthought, we can ensure the health and happiness of our planet and future generations.


Sustainability is a core value of The Evolved Traveler. There is no “one size fits all“ solution for the myriad issues that ail our planet, our environment, and even the multitude of cultures amongst us. Accordingly, we have resourced the sustainability guidelines set forth by several organizations we consider to be at the forefront of this effort including The Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC), Sustainable Tourism International, and UNESCO.

The guidelines adopted by The Evolved Traveler for sustainable tourism focus on three primary areas:

Socioeconomic: Maximize benefits for the local community

Cultural Heritage: Protect at all costs

Environmental stewardship: Reduce negative impacts to the best of our abilities

Declaration of

We believe that our guests and partners are capable of amazing feats of good. Our goal is to create positive and lasting impacts wherever we go. By using best practices from around the globe, as well as some of our own, we’ve created the following declaration of sustainability.

We vow to:

Strive to leave every location in better condition than we found it

Educate our guests regularly regarding responsible tourism and sustainability

Encourage the use of local goods and services

Respect all places, people, and cultures

Speak out against the consumption, trading, or harvesting of protected wildlife and plant life

Offset carbon emissions by donating to re-forestation causes

Volunteer in our local community, just as we encourage our guests and partners to

We not only adhere to these guidelines but further strive to pioneer new concepts and practices for sustainable travel. See our full Sustainability Declaration here.

Our Animal Policy

One of our key tenets as a company is that of giving back, which we apply to the people, cultures, environment, and most certainly to the animals, we encounter on our travels.

We do not involve ourselves or our guests in any activities which cause harm, discomfort, or danger to animals of any kind, nor do we engage our guests in activities that involve contact with endangered species or captive wild animals. We do not offer rides on elephants at any point. As world travelers, we know that wildlife encounters can be some of the most memorable highlights of a journey, which is why we want to make sure those encounters are positive experiences for the animals as well.