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Explore the diverse beauty of South America in a 19-day journey that spans Bolivia's rich cultural tapestry and Chile's vibrant energy and natural wonders. "Bolivia & Chile: Two Countries, Two Worlds" offers an unparalleled adventure through contrasting landscapes and traditions, promising an unforgettable exploration of these two fascinating countries.
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Journey Overview

Your adventure begins in Bolivia, often celebrated as South America's most traditional country. Start in La Paz, where you will explore vibrant highlights like the colorful Cholets and the intriguing Witch’s Market. The journey then takes you to the majestic Lake Titicaca and the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Sucre, a picturesque town brimming with history. Prepare to be captivated by the surreal Uyuni Salt Flats, where you will spend two nights amidst its ethereal landscapes. Your Bolivian experience concludes with a night at the serene Catal and Black Lagoons.

The adventure continues as you transition to Chile and its stunning Atacama Desert, the driest yet one of the most spectacular landscapes on Earth. Spend three nights in a luxury lodge under the star-filled sky, exploring the desert's natural wonders. The journey reaches its zenith in Santiago, Chile's vibrant capital. This cosmopolitan city is a blend of world-class dining, diverse neighborhoods, eclectic architecture, and a pulsating cultural scene.

Highlights include the thrill of a cable car ride to La Paz's El Alto, delve into ancient Incan sites at Lake Titicaca, connect with the Jatan Yamapara Indigenous communities, trek through Eduardo Avaroa National Park, and enjoy a chef-led Chilean cooking class in Santiago. This journey is a celebration of Bolivia's rich heritage and Chile's dynamic culture, offering a unique glimpse into the heart of South America.


Ascend via cable car ride to La Paz's El Alto, unveiling the mesmerizing colors and unique designs of the famous ‘Cholets’.

Embark on a mystical journey to Lake Titicaca and the ancient Incan wonders of La Isla del Sol, steeped in rich history and breathtaking views.

Wander through the charming streets of Sucre, Bolivia's UNESCO World Heritage City, where history and natural beauty converge

Immerse in the vibrant culture and traditions during an engaging visit with the indigenous communities of Jatan Yamapara

Spend two magical nights in the surreal landscape of the Uyuni Salt Flats, a dreamlike expanse that captivates the imagination

Trek through Eduardo Avaroa National Park, a haven of diverse flora and fauna, offering unforgettable natural encounters

Experience the seamless blend of rugged natural beauty and cultural richness as you cross from Bolivia into the stunning Atacama Desert of Chile.

Discover Santiago's captivating fusion of historic charm and modern vibrancy.

Dive into the bohemian spirit of Valparaiso on a day filled with artistic exploration and spontaneous adventures.

Revel in a Chilean cooking masterclass, starting with a lively market visit to select fresh, local ingredients.

Dates & Rates

Price From:



Per person based on double occupancy. Including intra-tour air.

Departure Time:

This journey is available year-round. As this journey includes a variety of regions and climates, September to March are suggested.


19 days/18 nights


Solo Travelers, couples, families and small groups.

Sustainable Contribution

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Environmental Impact:

Measures have been taken to positively impact our environment

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Community Impact:

This journey positively affects the local communities visited.

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Cultural Engagement:

Experiences on this journey provide authentic cultural interaction and connection

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Social Impact:

Evolved Experiences are incorporated into this journey as a means of building our global community.


Carbon Offset:

The Evolved Traveler is allocating $65 per person* (average) in conjunction with our partners, Offset Alliance, to help offset this journey through verified carbon removal and reversals projects.


“The evolved traveler sees what he sees, the tourist sees what he has come to see.”

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Bolivia & Chile: Two Countries, Two Worlds

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Bolivia & Chile: Two Countries, Two Worlds

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