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Travel from Quito's colonial splendor through the lush Amazon Rainforest to the mystical Galapagos Islands. This adventure, perfect for families and small groups, weaves together Ecuador's vibrant culture and the awe-inspiring beauty of nature, offering an unforgettable exploration of some of the world's most diverse ecosystems.
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Journey Overview

The Ultimate Ecuadorian Adventure invites you to a journey through the country's rich tapestry of landscapes and cultures. Start in the historic heart of Quito, a UNESCO World Heritage Cultural Center, where a private chocolate tasting and a culinary session with a local chef await. Venture next into the depths of the Ecuadorian Amazon for three nights, focusing on conservation and engaging with the Kichwa community.

Near Riobamba, delve into the life of the Ozogoche community, guardians of farming traditions and the Quichua language. The adventure continues to Cuenca, a city famed for its colonial architecture, charming cobblestone streets, and as the birthplace of the iconic Panama Hats. Here, immerse in the vibrant local culture and bustling markets.

The journey then takes you to the lively city of Guayaquil, where the unique Iguana Park offers a glimpse of urban wildlife. The climax of your adventure is the enchanting Galapagos Islands. Revel in a luxurious five-night stay in a private villa on Santa Cruz Island, complete with two full days of exploration on a 74-foot Sunseeker Manhattan motor yacht. Accompanied by expert naturalist guides, engage in activities like scuba diving, kayaking, hiking, and mountain biking for an all-encompassing Galapagos experience. This itinerary beautifully combines Ecuador's cultural richness with the splendor of its natural landscapes for a truly memorable expedition.


Indulge in an exclusive To’ak chocolate tasting experience, some of the world's most exquisite selections!

Embark on a culinary adventure in Quito with a local chef for a vibrant market tour and hands-on cooking lesson!

Immerse in the enchanting Ecuadorian Amazon with a thrilling three-day exploration, uncovering its breathtaking wonders.

Connect with the indigenous Ozogoche community, sharing stories and learning about their unique traditions and way of life.

Discover the historic charm of Cuenca and be captivated by the vibrant colors and fragrances at one of the world's premier flower markets.

Experience the lively atmosphere of Guayaquil where you will meet the resident of Iguana Park, the city's quirky and beloved attraction.

Live in the lap of luxury with a 5-night stay in a private villa, perfectly positioned for an unforgettable Galapagos Islands getaway.

Sail through paradise on a private yacht, island-hopping through the Galapagos and uncovering its hidden gems at your own pace.

Fully immerse in the Galapagos, where you can swim, snorkel, kayak, hike, and bike through its breathtaking landscapes on this epic adventure.

Dates & Rates

Price From:



Per person based on double occupancy. Including intra-tour air.

Departure Time:

This journey is available year-round. To experience the best weather and calm seas in the Galapagos, December to May is perfect; June to November is best for the most active wildlife.


18 days/17 nights.


There is a 6 Guests minimum and 8 guest maximum for this journey.

Sustainable Contribution

environmental impact

Environmental Impact:

Measures have been taken to positively impact our environment

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Community Impact:

This journey positively affects the local communities visited.

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Cultural Engagement:

Experiences on this journey provide authentic cultural interaction and connection

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Social Impact:

Evolved Experiences are incorporated into this journey as a means of building our global community.


Wildlife Conservation:

Wildlife encounters included in this journey are conducted with the intent of providing the highest level of protection to the animals and their natural habitat.


Carbon Offset:

The Evolved Traveler is allocating $65 per person* (average) in conjunction with our partners, Offset Alliance, to help offset this journey through verified carbon removal and reversals projects.


“The evolved traveler sees what he sees, the tourist sees what he has come to see.”

Please Note: If the journey above does not fit your needs, we would be happy to help you compose one that perfectly fits your lifestyle.


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