Bordeaux & Burgundy: The Cuisine & Cuvee


Set off on an exclusive journey through Central France, exploring Bordeaux's renowned vineyards, savoring Lyon's gastronomic delights, wandering through the Dordogne's charming villages, admiring Burgundy's historic beauty, and experiencing the vibrant effervescence of Champagne in Reims. Enjoy exclusive tastings, privileged access, Michelin-starred cuisine, and a tapestry of rich cultural encounters.
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Journey Overview

Begin your private epicurean gourmet journey in Bordeaux, the heart of France's wine country. Delve into the Médoc and Pauillac regions, enjoying select tastings at renowned châteaux like Cos d'Estournel and Pichon Longueville Baron. Discover the culinary wonders of Bordeaux's Chartrons Market, followed by a delightful visit to Sauternes and Château Guiraud.

In Saint-Émilion, uncover the area's historic allure, explore its underground wonders, and savor tastings at Château Petit Village. Your journey continues with culinary explorations in Périgueux, truffle hunting adventures, and a visit to the Lascaux IV Cave replica. The scenic Beynac-et-Cazenac and the archaeological sites of Les Eyzies lead you towards Vichy.

Experience the unique charm of Lyon and Beaujolais, where you will meet local vintners and explore the Longère estate. Lyon's rich history is complemented by its chocolate delicacies and a visit to the famed Halles Paul Bocuse. In Burgundy and Beaune, discover the historic Château de Germolles and delve into Beaune's wine culture with an insightful vineyard tour. Reims and Champagne offer stories of historical significance, visits to iconic Champagne houses, and tastings of their celebrated bubbly.

Your journey concludes as you transition from the vineyards of Reims to the iconic cityscape of Paris, wrapping up your exquisite French adventure.


Stroll through Bordeaux's historic heart, uncovering its medieval and Neo-Classical splendors.

Traverse the Médoc's vineyard charm with exclusive tours and tastings at legendary wine estates.

Enjoy a picturesque lunch at Café Lavinal, set amidst the vineyards of Pauillac.

Unveil the secrets of Saint-Emilion's vineyards with a special tour of Château Guadet.

Discover the enchanting Dordogne, home to some of France’ Most Beautiful Villages.

Explore Lyon's gastronomic wonders, from bouchons to the famed Halles Paul Bocuse.

Cruise through Burgundy's vineyards in a classic Citroën 2CV, blending tradition with adventure.

Experience gastronomic excellence at Maison Lameloise, a beacon of Michelin-starred cuisine.

Indulge in the earthly, full-flavored delights at Le Bouchon Bordelais, a culinary gem.

Be enchanted by the medieval allure and vineyard magic of Saint-Emilion.

Dates & Rates

Price From:



Per person based on double occupancy. Including intra-tour air.

Departure Time:

This journeys is available year-round,though April to mid-October is suggested.


14 days/13 nights


Solo Travelers, couples, families and small groups

Sustainable Contribution

environmental impact

Environmental Impact:

Measures have been taken to positively impact our environment

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Community Impact:

This journey positively affects the local communities visited.

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Cultural Engagement:

Experiences on this journey provide authentic cultural interaction and connection


Carbon Offset:

The Evolved Traveler is allocating $65 per person* (average) in conjunction with our partners, Offset Alliance, to help offset this journey through verified carbon removal and reversals projects.


“The evolved traveler sees what he sees, the tourist sees what he has come to see.”

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Bordeaux & Burgundy: The Cuisine & Cuvee

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Bordeaux & Burgundy: The Cuisine & Cuvee

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