Be greeted by warm smiles as you sail the backwater canals of Bangkok, chant with monks, engage with the enigmatic hill tribes of northern Thailand, glide down the Mekong along the borders of three countries, and revel in the wondrous site of Phang Nga Bay. These are just some of the splendors that will be revealed in the “Land of Smiles“ on The Evolved Traveler’s 14-day luxury journey “Thai Highs.”

Destination Overview

Bangkok, a city of colorful contrasts where luxury high-rises and hotels brush with golden temples and palaces, brings your first “Thai High.” Soar down the Chao Phraya River in a long-tail boat to the hidden canals of Bangkok where you will be received with the lofting scents of food cooking on open fires and waves of the locals going about daily life. The city’s spiritual side rises with the sun when the monks greet you for morning chanting. Other sides of the city unfold for you as you stand in awe at the sight of the Grand Palace, take in the colors, bustle, and banter of the floating markets, and accept the handshakes of locals over coffee in the eclectic Talad Noi neighborhood.

The flurry of the city gives way to the serene when you journey to Chiang Rai and Northern Thailand. Interact with the secluded hill tribes in an Evolved Experience in which your guide himself is a member of one of the tribes. Catch the wind coasting down the Mekong River along the borders of Thailand and Laos, and exchange antidotes of family life over lunch with a local family in Chiang Mai before spending time with other “local residents,” elephants! Participate in the feeding, teaching, and bathing of these incredible and warm creatures, and even join in a medical examination with the facility veterinarian at Chiang Mai’s Elephant Chang Sanctuary. And finally, let relaxation rule on the white sand and azure blue beaches of Phuket during a glorious four-night stay.

Trip Highlights

Sail the backwater canals of Bangkok on a longtail boat

Witness the monks’ morning chanting ritual at Wat Pho

Take in the colors, bustle, and banter of Thailand’s floating markets

Embark on a boat trip along the mighty Mekong River to see the Golden Triangle

Interact with the secluded hill tribes of Northern Thailand

Spend the day nurturing elephants at Elephant Chang Sanctuary

Relax on the white sand and azure blue waters of Phuket

Dates & Rates

Price from

$13,995 USD per person based on double occupancy
Intra Tour Air: $750 USD

Departure time

Any day – this tour is fully customizable


14 days

Group size

Private groups of 2 to 12 people

Your Contribution to Sustainable Tourism

Environmental Impact: Measures have been taken to positively impact our environment

icon of a leaf with a water droplet running off

Cultural Engagement: Experiences on this journey provide authentic cultural interaction and connection

icon of two hands holding each other

Wildlife Conservation: Wildlife encounters included in this journey are conducted with the intent of providing the highest level of protection to the animals and their natural habitat

Carbon Offset

The Evolved Traveler is allocating $95 per person* in conjunction with our partners, Offset Alliance,  to help offset this journey through verified carbon removal and reversals projects.

The amount is determined by calculating the carbon footprint for this journey considering flights to the destination, intra-tour flights if applicable, hotel stays, and ground transportation. An additional 25% is added to the static factors to offset components we cannot immediately account for, such as food.

The carbon emissions accounted for are calculated by using measurement benchmarks determined by the United Nations World Tourism Organization. The projects our carbon-offset donations are distributed to can be seen at

*The amount shown is an estimation for this journey. The exact will be calculated at the time of booking based on the city of origin for flights to the destination, and the specifications of the itinerary.

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