Pronounced “Pul-ya” or “A-pul-a” –  more frequently in English, Puglia is the southeastern region of Ital.  Often referred to as the “Bootheel of Italy,” it has long remained one of Italy’s best-kept secrets.

Destination Overview

Puglia is a unique treasure undeniably on par with its more renowned Italian siblings such as Campania and Tuscany. Yet, it is one of the least explored regions of Italy. From the Baroque capital of Lecce to the wonders of UNESCO World Heritage towns Alberobello and Matera, or the olive groves that carpet the landscape to the seaside hamlets with unspoiled beaches, Puglia retains a rustic and tangible authenticity. Locals live off the same land, growing food as their families have for generations. Here, it is not uncommon to be greeted by ladies making the region’s traditional orecchiette pasta or invited to sample today’s creation by a local cheesemaker.

Life is slower and simpler in Puglia. Though its history runs deep with Greek, Norman, Byzantine, and Spanish influences, today, Puglia’s own rich culture and unspoiled way of life depict Italy in its most traditional and authentic form. It is, indeed, Italy’s “undiscovered pearl.”

Trip Highlights

Spend 2-nights in Matera, one of the world's oldest cities

Bake traditional Matera bread with a local baker

Tour the Puglian countryside in a self-drive electric car

Visit Cisternino, one of "The Most Beautiful Villages in Italy"

Explore the medieval passageways of Ostuni, "The White City"

Bike through the Puglian landscape of citrus and olive tree groves

Revel in dinner at Grotta Palazzese, one of the "10 Most Spectacular Restaurants in the World"

Explore the beautiful Lecce, "The Florence of the South"

Take in the fairytale atmosphere of Alberobello and the towns famed Trulli homes

Dates & Rates

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Price from:

$8,750 per person based on double occupancy



The itinerary departs any day



Group size

Private groups of 2 to 12 people

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