The colorful 1950s cars found dutifully zipping along the streets of Cuba may just be the perfect metaphor for a country that by every outward appearance, seems to be fixed in time.

Destination Overview

What the classic cars, the bustling plazas, and crumbling architectural gems all have in common is their powerful link to a proud, yet hard-lived history. As such, the Cuban people have a shared investment in their community which brings untold opportunities for visitors looking for a sustainable travel experience.

A welcoming people, Cubans enjoy the bonds formed with the outside world as it not only benefits their livelihoods but their surroundings as well. Whether it’s caring for local wildlife, renovating an Art Deco or Art Nouveau treasure, or helping to protect the natural environment, Cuba offers a wealth of experiences.

Our exclusive 7-day or 10-day journeys, “Cuban Fusion: An Immersion into the Life & Culture of Cuba,” are itineraries that provide our guests with unprecedented access to prominent Cuban artists, politicians, performers, and locals offering a revealing insight into, and incomparable experiences of, this dynamic country and culture. This exclusive journey takes you further into the vibrant Cuban and Latin cultures.

The Evolved Traveler journeys allow you to experience the best of Cuba – the rich culture, the vibrant art, the beat of rhythmic drums, white sand beaches, neoclassical and art deco architecture, the lively, cobblestone streets of Havana, and the soulful smiles of the locals – it’s all waiting for you!

Trip Highlights

Meet with "Explainer-in-Chief" Professor Miguel Coyula, an urban planner, that will enlighten you on "the way things work in Cuba."

Engage with local entrepreneurs, both male and female, to learn of the challenges they face from regulatory restrictions to never having the opportunity to learn basic business skills.

Speak about foreign policy and world affairs when you have lunch with Cuba's former ambassador to the European Union.

Dine with a family of artists over a home-cooked meal while discussing their role as community organizers for the arts.

Visit the home and studio of plastic artist Fuster, also known as the Gaudi of Cuba, who has converted his poor neighborhood into an art project and a thriving ecosystem of small businesses by reinvesting 90% of the proceeds from his work into community development.

Discover the colonial and cultural gems of Cienfuegos and Trinidad on the extended 9-day tour option.

Dates & Rates

Price from

7-day: $9,975 USD per person
10-day: $13,950 USD per person

Pricing based on double occupancy, single rates available

Departure time

Any day – this tour is fully customizable



  • 7 days
  • 10 days

Group size

Private groups of 2 to 12 people

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