Ancient Empires Meet Modernity

China, Japan, and Mongolia, the land of ancient empires and dynasties, have also been home to some of the world’s oldest civilizations and greatest inventions. Able to maintain ageless traditions, China and Japan have successfully forged into the modern world, while in contrast, Mongolia, once the seat of one of the world’s greatest kingdom, seems to have gladly let time pass it by.

In Japan, witness the country’s striking dichotomy where ancient temples and monasteries are found in the midst of Tokyo’s modern skyscrapers and the world’s busiest intersection, neon-lit Shibuya: beating with the tempo of modern-day life. Or, if it’s peace and serenity you seek, Japan’s cultural capital, Kyoto, is just a few short hours away by plane, (bullet) train, or automobile.

The depth of China’s dynamic heritage is quite simply unmatched. Legendary monuments of the Forbidden City and Great Wall, the awe-inspiring Terra Cotta Warriors, natural wonders of Guilin and the Yangtze River, and the thriving urban culture of Shanghai whose towering skyline showcases China’s modern monuments, all immerse visitors in the juxtapositions of China’s timeless traditions and modern evolution.

Finally, one of the world’s last bastions of nomadic culture, authentic only begins to describe Mongolia. Experience its warm, embracing the culture and dramatic landscapes during once-in-lifetime adventures that take you from bustling Ulaanbaatar to the iconic Khongor Sand Dunes, and timeless steppes, dotted with yurts and gers: where wild horses run free, and nomadic eagle hunters live as they have for generations. Evolved Traveler journeys to these wondrous places are as diverse as the countries themselves.

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