2020 changed the world, and it certainly will leave its mark on tourism for years to come, if not forever. Yet, there is still an undeniable desire to travel, have new experiences, and engage with others around the globe… now perhaps more than ever before.

We all know that our personal journeys will be quite different in this new era, with safety and hygiene a top priority and of the utmost concern to all who are willing to travel near or far. To protect your well-being, you’ll notice that future travel will be tailored to small groups, families, friends, and couples. Some have called this new style “bubbles,” or “pods.”

In this way, we at The Evolved Traveler enjoy the opportunity to still be of service to our guests. You see, we have always catered solely to families, couples, individuals, and small groups. It is what we do; it is our expertise. This experience allows us to not only be confident we can put our guests’ health and personal safety first but allow you to feel secure every step of the way. And because you are unique as the places you visit, rather than have our guests in a “bubble” or “pod,” we have created our exclusive Evolved Enclaves for your private, custom travel experience. No matter what your request might be — a private jet or villa, a boutique hotel buyout for family or friends, a personal chef or concierge, your journey will be completely private and protected, ensuring your health and comfort is never compromised.

In addition, The Evolved Traveler is pleased to offer our guests curated Custom Journeys that allow you to choose every detail of your luxury tour. From Bali to Bangkok, from Lima to La Paz, or Cairo to Cape Town, enrich your experiences with behind-the-scenes access to exotic cultures and one-of-a-kind encounters while reveling in highly attentive service, all designed by you! Your tour… your way.

Each Custom Journey includes our commitment to worldwide sustainable tourism efforts and offers charitable engagement opportunities in the destinations you visit whenever possible. Let us know where you wish to explore, and we’ll help you create the journey of a lifetime. After all, who amongst us isn’t ready to explore and feel the freedom of wanderlust again?


All of The Evolved Traveler’s, fully personalized Evolved Enclave & Custom Journeys feature the following inclusions:

Minimum six nights or more

Luxury, or best available, accommodations

Private car and driver

Expert local guides

Optional tour director

Curator-led tours wherever possible

Exclusive access and entry to sites

Personalized experiences

And so much more…

Custom Journey Inquiry Form

*Due to the intensive levels of time and attention devoted to hand-crafting a personalized journey, there is a nonrefundable $500 planning fee which is applied to the final cost of your journey.