A Fiesta For The Senses

On the map, it’s little more than a narrow corridor of land rising between the Pacific and the Caribbean Sea— a natural cleave of sorts, separating oceans and continents.

In reality, Central America is a fiesta for the senses. From coral-filled azure waters and palm-lined beaches to verdant green rainforests and a rich mix of cultural heritage, the countries of Central America are a veritable explorer’s paradise that has captured the imagination of travelers for centuries.

Vibrant cities pulse with the sounds of traditional music, and the warm scents of fried plantains, homemade tortillas, and coffee made from fresh locally grown beans drifting from open-air cafés, while nearby, marvels of ancient civilizations rise from the jungle. Central America‘s land, food, and lifestyle are inexorably linked, which is why sustainable tour advocates have come to appreciate this fascinating destination for the genuine experiences it provides.

Cuba boasts a unique blend of Latin and Caribbean cool that has formed a national spirit and colorful personality unlike any other in the Spanish speaking world. Nostalgic 1950s cars found coasting along the streets of Cuba may just be the perfect metaphor for a country that, by every outward appearance, seems to be in a time capsule.

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