Lifestart Foundation, Hoi An, Vietnam

The Evolved Traveler believes travel is something that continues to “evolve,” and the unprecedented events and effects of 2020 will undoubtedly accelerate this. During a year in which many of us experienced isolation in ways we never imagined, we are now experiencing a desire for deeper connectivity to our fellow humans and perhaps, most significantly, to humanity itself.

Today, travel needs to be more meaningful, more impactful, and positively more engaging than ever before. We understand our guests’ common wish to travel with purpose and genuinely engage with the people and cultures they visit, which they can achieve through our thoughtfully created Evolved Experiences.

Evolved Experiences are at the core of every Evolved Traveler journey: uniquely curated encounters that are “outside-the-box” of traditional luxury travel, making them more memorable and wonderfully, richly rewarding.

Our world changed dramatically this year, and the importance of meaningful acts of kindness and humanity has never been more critical. Evolved Experiences allow opportunities for our guests to make lasting impressions on local communities in need. Here, they can personally extend their hands in multiple gestures of global goodwill while creating memories that can be cherished for years to come — not only for themselves but for those they meet along the way.

One of our favorite Evolved Experiences is at the Lifestart Foundation in Hoi An, Vietnam. The Foundation is a grassroots, not-for-profit operation that provides underprivileged Vietnamese citizens with medical and dental treatment, safe housing, vocational programs, education, and scholarships. Their holistic approach is meant to not only provide essential assistance for those they serve, but to help them achieve a sustainable and continual income as well.

Our guests begin their mornings at the Lifestart Foundation being greeted by one of the volunteers who offers special insight into their work and projects at the Foundation. In the afternoon, the “student becomes the teacher” as guests participate in a Vietnamese language lesson given by one of the Foundation’s current pupils. In what is always a laugh-filled session, guests learn some useful words to enhance their time traveling and shopping in Vietnam, for a delightfully authentic experience.

Other curriculum includes arts and crafts, exploring the exotic artforms of this distinct culture, with a short trip across the Hoi An River to one of the traditional Vietnamese lantern workshops supported by the Foundation. Here, you will not only witness the extraordinary creative talents of the lantern-makers but discover your own as you construct your own handmade lantern… a wonderful memento of your meaningful visit to the Lifestart Foundation.

Evolved Experiences such as these are available on every journey with The Evolved Traveler. From the mysterious Far East to sizzling South America, wherever your wanderlust takes you, there is an opportunity to learn, grow, and give at every turn.

By Justin